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“The greatest dangers are the threats we can’t see – or the ones that we choose to ignore.”

Smishing (SMS + Phishing) is the hot new trend in malware and you’re a lot more vulnerable to it than you might think

As with conventional phishing, the goal of smishing is to get your sensitive information (bank password, credit card, etc) but through SMS. What makes smishing more dangerous, however, is that most people don’t expect to be scammed via SMS and are subsequently unable to recognise the red flags.

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Online transaction

“Your smartphone is more than your digital companion. It’s your entire world.”

Today’s smartphones are full-fledged computers that track everything we do every day.

From your bankcards, and online transactions, to the sites you visit and your passwords, every detail of your life is inside your smartphone. This makes your smartphone a potential goldmine for cyber-criminals who make use of a sophisticated array of banking trojans and other types of malware to take a peek inside

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“Privacy and passwords go hand-in-hand.”

Passwords are the key to your private life.

With passwords so valuable to securing our devices, apps and accounts, keeping them secure is very important. However, a survey of 15,000 respondents conducted by Kaspersky in 2020 suggests that over 80% of respondents aren’t doing enough to secure their passwords.

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